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by Ed Sheeran

Howdy Ho!!

First thing first!! For the past few months, I seldom watch movies (for several unexplained situations) however here are some few one liners (or more) about couple of films that I saw throughout the year (non-sequenced, because I'm forgetful and that lazy)!! Leggo!!

1. Dark Knight Rises - Must watch! Not as hype as the previous one however it ended great. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman aka Selina is just (wait for it!) Badass!! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adorable yet you do not mess with his brain. Christian Bale is by far my favourite Batman aka Bruce Wayne.

2. The Avengers - Non-stop action/comedy/drama. Been waiting for this film to come out since last year! Watch until the very end of the movie. Droll over all of the superheroes (especially Robert Downey Jr.) and Shawarma!

3. Total Recall - Shit just got real for this one! Non-stop (and I mean, Non-Stop!) action sequence. Nothing too messy, the pacing was just right. Lots of cat fights and Colin Farrell's confused face!

4. Battleship - Not feeling it that much, but I like how they've planned their attack towards the aliens with numbers and codes. After all, this movie is based on the popular board game, Battleship.

5. Prometheus - If you love films by Ridley Scott, then you'll enjoy this film. Although the story was quite similar to Aliens, but I read somewhere that this was supposed to be the prequel for Aliens. That explains alot because the whole story is just too 'Alien'. Not really my favourite though.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield... droll!! Also, I prefer this version of Spiderman. Sorry Toby!

7. Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Same old... same old. NEXT!!

8. Brave - I now declare my love to the badass-big-curly-hair-princess-with-a-badass-archery-skill!!! Nuff said!

9. Snow White and The Huntsman - The only actor I'd noticed was Charlize Theron because she's Karayyzayylyy good!!

10. Wanderlust - If you're looking for a light comedy, then you should watch this!

11. This Means War - Who wouldn't want to fight for Reese Witherspoon?? I enjoyed watching this.

12. Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter - I like the story and actions. What bothers me was the fact that they've used an actual American figure as the main character. I'm not sure whether its a parody or.... (still confused)

13. Mirror Mirror - Lily Collins is just too adorable!!! Julia Roberts me love!

14. Being Flynn - I broke down after watching it. It's just too close to home. Remarkable storyline. Paul Dano and Robert DeNiro is just too awesome! Seriously a good film!!

I think that's about it!! I might missed out some couple more films but I'll be back whenever I manage to remember them! Enjoy!!!

P/s: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. :D


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