The Sound

by The 1975

(Good Vibes Festival : Part 2)


After all the rockin' and screaming, I was excited to see the next act. I've been meaning to see them for quite some time since I've stumbled upon their music video a little over 3 years ago.

I lap you!! 
The 1975 was infront of my eyes. Like, I shit you not! Unfortunately, my foot was not comfortable as I stood on an uneven ground and there's this dude infront of me who wouldn't stop recording the whole show. And I could barely look passed his armpit. And he was soo close to me, that he was not being considerate when he was dancing. You sir, are a major party pooper! Regardless, Matty and of course, the band were awesome!! (*droll)

The next act FFK Malaysia the last time (as it was mentioned that one of the band members were not well on that day), but they're finally here!!

Two Door Cinema Club!!! *faint
At this point, I felt like I really wanted to faint (like literally). My back was aching and my stomach does not feel good. I was having cold sweat and knew that something wasn't right. I guess, being at a crowded place in a long period of time doesn't give me any good. Plus, the shows were back to back and everyone had to maneuver from one stage to another. Despite it all, I've completed my missionnn!

Day 2
I am sleep deprived at this point! Hey! 
The second day mood was a bit mellow. So, I focused on munching the foods as well as explored the festival.

Wuzz dat?
My main focus on that day was to see my favourite Australian duo who I've missed their comeback gig when I was travelling to Melbourne last summer (Aussie season).

And they've played beautifully!

G'day Angus and Julia Stone!
They had couple of audio difficulties at the beginning but they were being cool about it. They sang some of the old ones and the new. And they rocked hard!

Overall, the festival was neat. They had chairs everywhere which was convenient and some fun stuff too! Like games, trampoline, slides and stuff. I missed the temporary tatts provided by the Topshop booth which was a bummer. And the weather was really nice! The ranch was a perfect place for music fest like these! Can't wait for what's in store for next year!

P/s: I saw couple of girls who decided (in their clouded, deluded mind) that taking a leak by the bushes were a good idea. Unfortunately for me, I saw them. And my eyes were effected for couple of days. Be civilized people!

*disclaimer : I only cover the main bands/performance that I intended to see. Overall, every bands that played were great!

Love Lost

by The Temper Trap

Still can't get over it =.="
Last weekend, Good Vibes Festival 2016 (GVF) was held at The Ranch @ Genting Highlands. It was one of the music festival that I've been wanting to go since they've brought in Death Cab for Cutie last February (unfortunately, I couldn't go as I was away in Aussie). And since I couldn't get tickets to see Tame Impala (organised by Urbanscapes), I chose to invest on joining into this festival. Plus, Urbanscapes wasn't really doing a main 1 day event like they've done it in their previous years (I went to see their art exhibit instead). The first band I heard coming to GVF was Two Door Cinema Club. Little did I know, the list goes on and the bands are to die for (for me atleast)! Thus due to this overwhelmed feeling of withdrawal, I've decided to take you all to the day I get to see the bands that I've been in love with.

1st day - 4pm - 12/8/2016
Tryna blend in to the crowd.

I got to the festival at about 5pm. Little did I know that the organisers were having technical difficulties and had to delay the schedule. I saw couple of people were denied access after their ID got checked. I guess they're not old enough to get in or maybe couple of months short. Regardless, I got in without a hiccup. The first thing I look for was food! While munching away, local bands were playing on the stage, visitors took their pictures at various booths (looking like a coachella goddess!), jumping on trampolines and sliding on a blowup slides. It was wonderful!

SEVEN COLLAR FREAKIN' TSHIRT! Photo via All is Amazing (check out their other cool photos!)
Seven Collar Tshirt was one of the local bands who played and one of my favourites. They were amazing (within their 30minutes set)! Soon after, another band played for another 30 minutes. There were no breaks, band played from one stage to another. Did I tell you that they have 2 main stages, sitting next to each other? Honestly, maneuvering from one stage to another were tiring especially when you have to constantly fight your way in to get a good spot to stand on.


Excuse my excessive grinning-ness. I'm with Dougi Mandagi from The Temper Trap yall!

I was sitting casually on the left side of the Red Stage and comes this majestic-hair-man, merging out from the corner. Me and my partner were freaking out, like a bunch of groupies. We took quite sometime to decide whether or not we could approach him (creeper) and take a picture. Honestly, no one noticed him. There was this dude casually sitting beside him while I walk (nervously like a schoolgirl approaching her crush) towards him wondering if he would ask us to leave him alone or go with it. And thankfully, being such a cool guy, he let us disturb his moment and take some photos.

And The Temper Trap performed.

It was awesome! The band played couple of new numbers, as well as the oldies. And of course, Sweet Disposition was played. He crowd surfed, I got elbowed on my face. Ahaha!

I will continue on part 2. Stay tuned...

It's Hard to Get Around the Wind

by Alex Turner

I told myself again and again that I need to do something to distract myself and not let the tiredness gets in the way. I need my me time and I chose this blog to become one of my outlets to do that. However for some reason, I've became fearful of what people would think of it. It never occurs to me that I would felt this way knowingly that my mental issues had already been out in the open. Coming out to people was hard and I was blessed with those who would held my had and told me that they will be there for me no matter what. Years gone by, people that I love started to feel frustrated. They didn't convey it verbally however being the sensitive person I am, I almost could see it in their eyes. It sounded like, "Oh my God! Here we go again!" And I don't blame them, honest. As I get frustrated about stuff too, like listening to the voices inside my head.

Slowly, I close my door. Slowly, I build up walls. Slowly, I started wearing a new mask. Slowly, my body would react violently towards little things like lightning, loud noise and so on. My senses amplified but my heart, my confidence, my strength and my dignity became small. And yet, I blamed myself because I have few people who despite their frustration, is still rooting for me at the moment.


by Troye Sivan

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. - Marcus Aurelius

It's been quite a rough year for me. Career wasn't going where I've expected and I walked out the second it went south. Told myself that I need to take care of me and I can't afford to go down that road again. Although I haven't been able to get a grip on my stability, I took a chance and did things that I've always wanted to such as:

1. Continuing my degree

That's my 5 years plan!

It wasn't easy. Sacrifices had to be made. Thankfully, the people that I care about were behind me 100% when I made that decision. Bachelor of Communications with Honours, 5 years, 3 semesters each. Not so bad, I guess? Even one of my favourite Youtuber Marzia Bisognin is continuing her studies, why can't I? Gambatee!!!

I still have other things to sort out before I start my classes and assignments (never thought I would go through that again)! Plus, I'll be starting a new career path soon. Insya Allah.

2. Travel to a place where I can use my bomber jacket again!

This place has been on my wish list for quite some time and it would require me to dig up all of my winter clothes (yang telah lama berkubur bertahun lamanya)! If that doesn't happen, I'll go back to my favourite island of Lombok. *cross fingers*

3. New baby
Hi! My name is Ali :)
This little fella fell from 2 stories high when he was just 1 month old. Now he's 4 months old, healthy and hyper active! Technically, he's my sister's cat. However, never would I've imagined that I would be living with a feline.

4. Give back to the community

I've been going around, searching for ngos or communities (close to my heart) that I could volunteer with. I took a chance and applied to one. Still waiting for them to get back to me and hopefully I'm able to start soon. :)

5. Modelling?

Natural wind required. // Top & skirt by Zara. Shoes by Escada 
Never the type to pose my outfits and 'model' on instagram or any other social media. I would rather take other people's photos or hold the lighting for them. The last time I did that was years ago and it was a favour for a friend. You might see more of me here (Elixir by Zura Abdullah).

6. Minus debts, add savings

I'm not blessed with financial stability (as you may all know). And I'm not the type of person to actually ask for money. Unfortunately, I have the tendency of giving too much even if I only have so little in my wallet. That's my weakness. Eventually, I ended up seeing the negatives instead of the positives (math-wise). I'm determined to change that by end of the year. Those who owe me, this might be a good time to pay me back. Please?

7. Gym

I've signed up to Chi Fitness (thanks to my sister) and been trying to convince myself to start activating my muscles. I desperately need to get back to my workout schedule.

So much to do, so little time. :)

Teddy Bear

by Melanie Martinez

Photo source from Tumblr

Here’s a story about boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl, and girl falls for him to. They got married and live a comfortable life in the suburbs. Girl got a big job working as a secretary for a big company. Boy got jealous and started to accuse Girl of being unfaithful. Girl became defensive; Boy hits her so that she would shut up. Girl has to live with the scar for almost a week.

Now here’s another story. Boy goes steady with Girl who he loved since high school. Boy lost his job and had to stay home for a while. Girl got frustrated, started to call Boy unpleasant names and threaten him. Boy goes into depression due to him feeling worthless.

Which scenarios do you find serious and needs to be reported? A or B?

WRONG. Both scenarios are bad. But the question is, where can they go from here? Most Malaysians refuse to report these acts due to the fear of being judged, being called weak and also shame. What would the society think? What about their family? And for some reason, what about their spouse's/partner's family? 

Lets break the stigma and move towards being able to save yourself from abuse, regardless if its physical or mental, even if you’re a woman, a man or even children. Everybody deserves to be happy and everybody deserves freedom.

Stay With Me Baby

By Duffy

Marriage. Kahwin. Tua. Leave me alone!

As you aged (as a female), you can't help but to talk about marriage. Get married and build your house together with that someone special. Eventually, having mini-me's running around the house. However when your friends can't stop talking about it, you've decided that enough is enough!

It's not that I'm against marriage or anything. I mean, I'll admit that it does sounds fun to have someone to wake up in the morning to, joke around, annoy and to share a goal that most people would think silly with.

Not to be a sour puss but ladies, there's more to life than your marriage! "But Aisyah, you haven't really experienced the true feelings of being married. You wouldn't understand."

Yes my friends, I would never understand it until I get married myself. I would never understand the urge to tell someone what my husband did last night, or what my kid ate yesterday, or how my kids look (yesterday, today and tomorrow included). However the harsh reality is my friends, there is such thing as too much information. That includes listening to your 'bedroom stories'. For education purposes, why not! But, there's a very fine line to it.

And then there's no news, tak-nampak-batang-hidung kinda friends. I respect that they prefer to remain private with their personal lives after marriage. But remember this, who was the person who listened to your rambling when you had problems with your future husband? Who was the person who was there when you needed to go out and stuffed yourself with ice cream? There's nothing wrong with returning the favour once in a while (not that I'm asking for it, but you know).

And again, I'll admit that I wouldn't understand it until I'm there. What I could say is that, no matter what situations you may be, don't forget the people who supported you and helped you when you decided to tie the knot. And also, please be considerate to those who aren't. Regardless, I'm always one call away. <3 p="">

Just don't. Peace out!

The Sound

By The 1975

Hey hey!

Have you ever been in a situation where your level of boredom and frustrations are out of this world that you've decided to bake baklava cos' it's oh so yummy? Me neither.

As I'm currently on my soul searching/cleansing/wasting money that I don't have activity, I've brought myself to the famous land of Sydney. It was quite a warm, lovely weather, unlike Canberra. (Which I went last month and was freezing my ass off!)

Me with my 'tourist pose'

I went to the Sydney Opera House and walked along the Sydney Harbour. It was breathtaking! Took me about 15 to 20 minutes walk from Darling Harbour but it was worth it. Reward myself with a nice Salty Caramel Milkshakes from Guylian.

Happy face around seafood delights.

Sydney Fish market is a must go place! Went there for breakfast and had my very first fresh out from the sea seafood! Below is exhibit A.

Look at that monstrosity!!

Ended my day with a quick dip at Bondi Beach. Saw my 1st topless bikini girl there. Very interesting. Ahaha!

Have a wonderful day y'all! Xoxo