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by Pete Teo/Aizat

you have no idea how glad i was when i heard couple months ago that Muallaf will finally hit its debut in Malaysia, no cuts on the scene! Sadly, the wonderful director can't be here to see her dream came true at last. i will review without going through the storyline. i will only review on what has it influence me this time because this film has hit the main (and maybe sensitive) thing we could ever think of. BELIEVING IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY.

(MAYBE CONTAIN SPOILERS): i was amused the 1st time i heard Ana (played by Sharifah Aleysha) screamed 105:1 at her teacher's face. i knew exactly what she meant but being ignorant, i didn't hv any clue what was the meaning actually. i knew it came from the bible because i do read the bible (out of curiosity) at the national library. i was caught off guard because i was questioning myself, why on earth could this kid recite something from the bible? i throw out my prejudgment and focus entirely on the film. and when Brian (played by Brian Yap) refuses to go to church although his mother has been bugging him the whole week about going got me. like something had happened from the past that made him turn himself against religion. my views maybe wrong but i do feel that the main point of the film is that we believe there is a God, despite any religion. there is a God, more superior that humans or any living creature on earth, who created us. never deny the divine power of the creator and the teaches that were thought from the Holy book, either it's the bible, Al-Quran etc. and one more thing me and the film had in common is that in secondary school, people thought i was turning back from my religion just because i knew a bit of other religion besides mine. although i find it interesting actually to know how others function, however it doesn't mean that i don't believe what i should believe!
And lastly, i have no idea what's the fuss about the girls telekung (or prayer clothes). it looked like nuns???i believe nuns have several different kind of clothing. and for me, as long as it covers every part necessary and decent, therefore there's nothing wrong with it! what i see was those telekung with all kinds of beadings, colours etc sold throughout the region. i thought you suppose to keep it simple and modest every time you perform your Solat. well, who am i to judge and SO DOES YOU! i believe the only one who can judge is God and in my case Allah SWT! i'm not that religious but i'm not that dumb either.

p/s: i'll give it a 8/10 for making me realise i never did pay that quite attention to the story behind the Quran. its facinating really. and 3/10 to the ignorant audience, kept on disturbing me with "boleh ke diorng buat camni?" or "ish! teruknye"

p/s 2: i almost forgot! Kudos to Shuk n Abg Pitt on becoming the most 'vicious' gangster ever..hehe!


Ajami Hashim said...

105:1 (Surah Al-Fiil/Al-Fil/Al-Feel - AlQuran)

Have you (O Muhammad (SAW)) not seen how your Lord dealt with the Owners of the Elephant? [The elephant army which came from Yemen under the command of Abrahah Al-Ashram intending to destroy the Ka'bah at Makkah].

Tidakkah engkau mengetahui bagaimana Tuhanmu telah melakukan kepada angkatan tentera (yang dipimpin oleh pembawa) Gajah, (yang hendak meruntuhkan Kaabah)?


*nice rev :)

nadia :) said...

yes. its sad when the director can't be there.

actually this film planned to be in cinema on hari raya haji.

but i dnt know y. its replaced with Jalang.

too bad.

ajami : thx for the ref, i did looked it up and hopefully i didn't sound so ignorant about my first thought bout the numbers. =S

nadia : well, i heard they were planning to release it when they think that the audience is ready.

i maybe wrong...=)