Suara Takbir

9:21 PM Aisyah Abdullah 3 Comments

by P.Ramlee

i came across this blog and it occurs to me that islamophobia is still existing among people even after all this years of hijacking, terrorist hunting, school bombing shit! and recently, Americans made a big fuss about how this year's Eid al-Fitr (Aidilfitri) falls on the 11th of September (9/11). However, turns out it might fall on the 10th. Despite everything, i'm praying to all my Muslim brothers and sisters in America. How they've handled most of the treats and bullies gracefully makes me feel thankful for their unbelievable patience.

Another 5 more days till the fasting month is over, i'm very grateful that this year's Ramadhan gave me a chance to clear everything that has been making my life a little chaos. How every time i'm fasting, i felt a slight relieve, like a cleansing moment. i also feel like this month is kinda like a soul searching period. i realized that i can never hold grudges, i attend to forgive instantly. However, still have my big mouth sometimes!(inherit it from my mom...hehe!) Maybe it's part of growing up, you attend to feel differently than before.

Sebulan berpuasa sungguh berdiet,
Berbuka dengan lauk sayur,
Datang raya cakap 'be quiet',
Kantoi makan rendang berterabur.


nadia said...

haha. unique poem.
but x clear lah last part.

still figuring out.heh.;p

hamzah ian said...

wa.. sajak2 ni gua ske

hehe..pantun 4 kerat yang ditujukan pada kwn2 yg kononnye mau berdiet sepanjang bln puasa...!