Another Chance

1:08 AM Aisyah Abdullah 3 Comments

by Roger Sanchez

If there's another chance for me,
To go back in time, I'll be,
Not the person you've known,
Maybe we won't have any conversations on the phone,
Maybe we won't have sat on the same table,
Having lunch and we won't be able,
To introduce ourselves exchanging names,
Not knowing that we would exchange flames,
Burning in our heart's desire,
Until we would set ourselves on fire,
But i chose not to relive,
Instead choose to forgive,
Every pain life has thrown upon us,
Although we were in fact dumb and clueless,
Where's DORAEMON when i needed a friend?
I want his fucking-magic-pink-door that gets me to Lalaland!!!!


Dark Ray™ said...

Hmm.. A lot of things I can argue right here.. Ahaha


Dark Ray™ said...

tak ada apa laa.. tengah berkata-kata dalam hati tu sebenarnya.. ahaha